OilSpillClaims.org Needed as BP Claims Continue to Be Filed

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Farr Law Firm launches new BP oil spill claims website.


OilSpillClaims.org Needed as BP Claims Continue to Be Filed | Farr Law | Serving Southwest Florida

A preview of the new OilSpillClaims.org website.

PUNTA GORDA, FL – January 21, 2013 – The explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil platform in 2010 and the resulting oil spill into the Gulf triggered thousands of BP claims. Farr Law Firm saw the need for a comprehensive website to answer frequent questions and describe the claims process as more claims continue to be filed. The new website is OilSpillClaims.org.

Website visitors can stay current with Gulf oil spill news and the latest information related to BP oil spill claims. The website already includes a detailed map of counties that fall within the BP claims zone, a list of industries affected and blog headlines. In the near future the website will feature educational videos.

“Some believe they do not qualify just because their business isn’t located on the water. That is simply not true. Most businesses located in Gulf coast counties are eligible to file a claim,” explains Attorney, George Williamson. “This is the reason for OilSpillClaims.org. Our hope is to dispel the misinformation and educate individuals and businesses in regards to their legal rights under the oil spill class action settlement. “

In addition to the new website, businesses can follow the Farr Law Firm’s twitter account dedicated to BP oil spill news – twitter.com/SpillClaims.

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Note: Since this original press release, the OilSpillClaims.org website has become part of the farr.com website. You can view the BP Oil Spill Claims information here.