Injured in a Car Wreck? Call Us First.

The state of Florida is home to 16 million registered drivers who hit the roads each day for work, travel and family obligations. And on every day of the calendar year, hundreds of auto accidents occur due to driver negligence, faulty vehicle equipment and even hazardous roadway conditions. According to the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles, more than 200,000 auto accidents occur each year, with at least half of those incidents involving injuries.

While an automobile accident can happen in mere seconds, the aftermath can be devastating, causing property damage, emotional and financial distress, physical injuries and even death.

Factoring in the shock of being in an accident and the complex nature of dealing with insurance companies, accident victims can easily be taken advantage of. That’s why it’s important to contact experienced, legal professionals to guide you through this process.

At the Farr Law Firm in Punta Gorda, attorneys specializing in personal injury and wrongful death are ready to delve into your accident case to investigate your options, protect your rights and aggressively work toward getting you fair compensation. Although we can’t take away the emotional pain of an automobile accident, we will work tirelessly to help right the wrong.

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