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In today’s economy, businesses rely on regular and large shipments of merchandise to maintain their inventories. With this need comes a greater amount of semi-trucks, tractor trailers, 18 (eighteen) wheerlers, and large trucks on the highways for deliveries, increasing the risk of a truck accident occurring.

Tractor trailers and large trucks are subject to the same risks of other vehicles on the roadway, including mechanical failures and accidents resulting from inclement weather and road conditions. However, the staggering size of these vehicles mean they are harder to control, require additional driver education training, and they are more likely to roll over when driver negligence is apparent. Oversized loads and violations of motor carrier laws further complicate the issue.

For these reasons, and many more, it is imperative for victims of Florida truck accidents to seek qualified and experienced legal counsel. Attorneys in the personal injury and wrongful death department at the Farr Law Firm in Punta Gorda are prepared to investigate your case and aggressively work to right the wrongs caused by such an accident. Although the attorneys can’t take back the pain associated with your accident, they will dedicate themselves to fight for your rights and help you get fair compensation.

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