Helping You Navigate the Probate Process

Our firm helps guide clients through all aspects of Florida’s probate process with compassion and understanding. Through probate, a person’s debts are identified, provisions are made for payment, and assets are distributed upon his or her death.

We understand that the tasks faced by personal representatives and beneficiaries can be daunting, especially when combined with the grief of losing a loved one. Clients are thoughtfully supported throughout the process and until the probate is completed.

With decades of experience, our probate attorney team skillfully navigates Florida’s complex probate laws as well as applicable federal statutes to create all the necessary documents to obtain letters of administration; to aid in identifying, collecting and valuing the assets of the estate; to file required Federal estate tax and gift tax returns; to ensure that creditors are paid; to distribute the assets, and finally, to file closing documents. We also apply a number of different Florida asset distribution techniques, including transferring Florida real estate, re-titling investment accounts, and liquidating property to allow for cash distributions.

Should legal claims or disputes arise during the course of administering an estate, our probate trial lawyers take action to resolve the matter through either alternative dispute resolution or probate litigation.

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