Looking for an Alternative to Litigation?

Litigation is not the only option for resolving a dispute, and Farr Law Firm employs attorneys experienced in methods aimed at resolving disputes through alternative means. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) offers clients flexibility, informality and the ability to achieve mutually satisfactory resolutions, with the most common being mediation. Through mediation, the costly and lengthy litigation process can be avoided or hastened.

Mediation is a confidential, informal, non-adversarial alternative for parties to reach an agreement without the time, expense and uncertainty of trial. Mediators are paid to act as neutral third parties, providing guidance through the process of negotiating an amicable agreement.

All of our litigation attorneys are experienced advocates for clients through processes aimed at resolving disputes – not just litigating them. We can provide advice in choosing the right ADR process, if any, to achieve the goals of the client. In addition, our attorneys include neutral certified mediators available to lead parties through the negotiation process.

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