Guardianship Legal Counsel, Planning, Administration and Management

Farr Law Firm provides guardianship services, under a court’s supervision, to administer and manage a mentally incapacitated person’s financial and medical affairs. Our guardianship attorney advocates the ward’s best interests when seeking legally binding decisions affecting this person’s future and care.

For the elderly, guardianship can be avoided with proper planning. Our elder law and trusts and estates teams work with clients to avoid guardianship through durable powers of attorney, living wills, health care surrogate designations, pre-need guardian declarations, and living trusts.

Farr Law Firm has experience in these areas:

  • Representing alleged incapacitated person during guardianship proceedings
  • Representing parties in the determination of incapacity for adults and minors
  • Representing parties in the appointment and removal of Guardians
  • Restoration of rights
  • Representing Guardians to comply with Guardianship Accounting procedures
  • Representing out of state Guardians with the management of property in Florida

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