Boca Grande

Boca Grande and Gasparilla Island | Southwest Florida (Charlotte Harbor) | Farr Law (image)

The beauty of Gasparilla Island has always drawn people to it. In fact, archeological discoveries reveal that the Calusa Indians lived on the island as early as 800 A.D., using Charlotte Harbor as the hub of their tribal civilization with thousands of people and hundreds of small fishing villages along the local waterways.

As time progressed, mining interests (particularly phosphate), port traffic, and the incoming railroad modernized the area. The discovery of unrivaled tarpon fishing in the waters around Gasparilla Island brought fanatic sportsmen to the region. And so in the late 1800’s, the town of Boca Grande was born. By 1913, the Gasparilla Inn was attracting clientele to enjoy its elite resort.

Eventually, Boca Grande’s railroad closed and a popular bike path replaced it. Gasparilla Island, through the efforts of Sunset Realty Corp., was transformed into today’s Boca Grande. Farr Law Firm worked hand-in-hand with Sunset Realty Corp. as the island was zoned, platted, developed, and sold in parcels for residential and commercial use. Through each and every phase of development, Farr Law Firm provided legal assistance to the creation of today’s beloved Boca Grande community.

Today, the tarpon fishing remains first rate, and one of the most tranquil and exclusive communities in the country continues to provide its residents with the privacy, lifestyle and scenic wonder that only Gasparilla Island offers.