Farr Law Firm Ranks 15th in the Fund 100 by Attorneys’ Title Fund Services, LLC

Written by Farr Law Firm | info@farr.com

Farr Law Firm has been named a member of this year’s Fund 100 by Attorneys’ Title Fund Services, LLC (The Fund).  The firm’s real estate practice, which includes partners Guy S. Emerich, Jack O. Hackett II, Charles T. Boyle, David A. Holmes, Gary A. Kahle, Roger H. Miller III and Dorothy L. Korszen ranked fifteenth out of the 100 firms honored.

The Fund 100 is comprised of an elite group of leaders within the legal profession.  These top-tier law firms have received this statewide recognition because of the commitment they have shown to their clients and to The Fund.  Only 2.8% of The Fund’s member firms in 2010 received this distinction.

“With The Fund 100 designation, Farr Law Firm ranks among an elite group of legal professionals within the real estate industry” said Jimmy R. Jones, president of The Fund.