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Brady H. Sharrer and His Team Join Farr Law Firm


Attorney Brady H. Sharrer focused on Wills, Trusts, Estates and Probate in the Venice and Sarasota, Florida area.

Brady H. Sharrer
Of Counsel – Estates and Probate Attorney

My name is Brady Sharrer, and I am the Sole Principal of Isphording, Bechtold & Sharrer, P.A. and I am excited to announce that on June 3, 2019, our law firm merged with the law firm of Farr, Farr, Emerich, Hackett, Carr & Holmes, P.A. (Farr Law Firm) with existing offices in Punta Gorda and Venice.

Isphording, Bechtold & Sharrer, P.A. has experienced a fair amount of transitions over the past five years. Dan Bechtold, my predecessor and the founder of this firm, passed away in 2014. He requested that I retain the firm, carrying out the promises he made to clients and continuing the tradition of making the needs of clients the firm’s primary objective. In 2018, Charles Wheeler, an Of Counsel Attorney of the firm who provided legal services to the Venice community for decades, elected to formally retire from the practice of law. He, similar to Mr. Bechtold, requested that I carry out the promises he made to clients and continue to keep his client’s affairs in good order.

On May 1st of 2019, Of Counsel Attorneys Robert Williams, Roger Isphording and Clifton White elected to formally retire from the practice of law. These attorneys have each provided over forty years of legal services to clients and have established themselves as pillars of the Venice community. It goes without saying that, while saddened by their departure, the firm wishes them the very best as they enjoy the fruits of retirement. As a condition of their retirement, they have similarly requested that I carry out the promises they have made to clients and preserve their established reputations as honest and exceptional attorneys in the community.  I have given my word to do just that.

I understand you may have reservations to transition to a new attorney after an extended relationship with one of the attorneys mentioned above. Your comfort and confidence in me is my primary focus.  That is why I sincerely hope you will contact the office to schedule an appointment so I may formally introduce myself and review your estate planning documents. Further, the attorneys above have agreed to remain available to ensure smooth transition.

The retirement of the Of Counsel Attorneys raises a most serious concern: what will become of the firm if something happens to me? I want to guarantee clients they will always be in good hands and protected, which is why I have made the decision to create one final transition for the firm. On June 3, 2019, the law firm of Isphording, Bechtold & Sharrer, P.A. merged with Farr Law Firm. The Farr Law Firm was established in 1924 and has an outstanding track record as being exceptional in their fields of practice. Their estate planning group alone has four seasoned attorneys. Further, the Farr Law Firm handles matters in various fields of law, including real estate, litigation, marital/family law, asset protection, guardianship and more.  This will provide clients resources beyond what I can provide alone. It also ensures clients an attorney will always be accessible in the event something should happen to me.

As Dan Bechtold explained to me prior to his passing, the client’s interest should always be the primary focus of the firm. I have taken his words to heart, which is why this merger is moving forward. I sincerely believe this will provide clients more resources, insight and more protection.

As of June 3, 2019, I am an attorney at Farr Law Firm with a continued focus on trusts, estates and probate matters.  My experienced staff of paralegals and assistants including Tanya Weiss, Diana Walker, Jessica Feeley and Nancy Jeffery have made the decision to join me in the transition. Our team will continue to manage your estate plan or estate/trust administrative matters as a part of the Farr Law Firm.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. I sincerely look forward to meeting you, if I have not already, and I look forward to continuing to provide exceptional estate planning services.

Venice and Sarasota, Florida clients can continue to contact Brady H. Sharrer at

941.488.7751 | Fax: 941.485.0311 | Email: bsharrer@farr.com



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