Deciding to End Your Marriage is Hard Enough – Don’t Go Through Divorce Alone.

Need a Divorce Attorney, Domestic Partner or Family Law Mediation Lawyer in Punta Gorda and Charlotte County FL (image)

The decision to divorce will alter the lives of each family member and individual involved. Retaining the right divorce attorney is crucial, not only to the success of the outcome, but also to minimize the anxiety and tension for all parties involved. Divorce is a complicated and tricky matter, which is something the Farr Law Firm divorce attorney is always mindful of when working with clients facing divorce.

The Farr Law Firm provides strong, highly effective and experienced counsel when it comes to the emotional situations that seem to always arise from divorce, especially when children and child custody are involved. Having a divorce attorney who is skilled in addressing these delicate matters can be beneficial to all involved. Having an experienced divorce advocate can significantly reduce a great deal of stress and pressure. The Farr Law Firm prides itself on effectively solving stressful situations caused by divorce and advocating for their clients to successfully resolve matters, even in the most difficult of divorces.

Divorce attorneys with the Farr Law Firm help clients stand their ground as issues are resolved, and we take the time to explain the divorce litigation process step-by-step. We are accessible to address our clients’ concerns about the divorce, assist them in making decisions, and we always keep our clients updated on how their case is progressing through the legal system. We listen and determine what’s important to our clients, then devise strategies and pursue a course of action aligned with our divorce clients’ needs and goals.

While we advise clients about potential alternatives to litigation, our divorce lawyers aggressively advance a client’s position if the case goes to court. Alternatively, if we are not acting as counsel, the Farr Law Firm offers family law mediation services, as one of our divorce attorneys is a Certified Family Law Mediator.

Our divorce attorneys also have the knowledge to address:

  • equitable distribution
  • division of business interests
  • division of retirement assets
  • child support
  • parenting issues
  • domestic violence
  • paternity
  • prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • domestic partnerships

For more information, contact the divorce and family law attorneys with the Farr Law Firm today. Located in Punta Gorda, Englewood, (Charlotte County) Florida.