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Legal matters come in all shapes and sizes with unique and individual needs in North Port, Florida. You want a tailored approach to your law issues. At Farr Law Firm you will work with attorneys who are devoted to an individual and unique approach to every case.

In North Port, Florida, it is important to be fully aware of the changing laws as they pertain to all areas of law. We devote ourselves entirely to keeping up with these changes since we work with individuals, families and businesses.

Our firm is constantly working on strategic and successful cases from prenuptial agreements to custody and support plans. With a dedicated lawyer leading your case, we know how to make the law work for you. If you have a goal, we listen to every detail. Having handled legal issues involving complex business and common law situations, we can confidently address any legal issue you have.

With offices throughout Southwest Florida, our practices address a variety of needs and challenges that North Port individuals and businesses confront including civil, commercial and complex litigation, personal injury and wrongful death, marital and family law, trusts and estates, corporate and business law, real estate and title insurance, elder law, guardianship and asset protection.

We are prepared to solve complex problems with confidence and able to assemble the right talent to effectively represent our North Port clients’ interests as they evolve.

North Port Trusts & Estates Attorney

Strategies to advance our North Port client’s wealth preservation and wealth transfer goals. Using both simple and sophisticated lifetime and post-death techniques, our attorneys help North Port individuals and their families with their estate and tax planning needs. Learn more

North Port Real Estate Attorney

Do you need a real estate attorney in North Port? Our comprehensive experience in real estate for both residential and commercial transactions. We deliver the expertise of two Florida Bar Board Certified Real Estate lawyers to our North Port clients. Learn more

North Port Business & Corporate Attorney

Our business & corporate attorneys concentrate on fulfilling the business objectives of our clients in North Port. Practical counsel on business organization, operations, and in complex transactions in North Port. Learn more

North Port Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Attorney

Injured in a car accident or motorcycle wreck in North Port? At the Farr Law Firm, we know taking legal action cannot undo the physical or mental harm suffered from an accident, but our goal is to help our North Port clients move forward with their life. Learn more

North Port Marital & Family Law Attorney

Deciding to end your marriage is hard enough – don’t go through it alone. We offer our North Port clients discreet, thorough and compassionate counsel while standing by you through every stage of the process. From aggressive courtroom divorce attorneys to family law mediation services in North Port. Learn more

North Port Elder Law Attorney

Understanding legal issues impacting senior citizens, the elderly and their families in North Port. Our elder law attorney combines an understanding of the unique challenges in this field with a personalized analysis of each North Port client’s financial situation and personal desires. Learn more

North Port Guardianship Attorney

Legal counsel, administration, management and planning related to guardianship in North Port. Our guardianship attorney advocates the ward’s best interests when seeking legally binding decisions affecting our North Port clients future and care. Learn more

North Port Asset Protection Attorney

Legal strategies and techniques to minimize the exposure of our North Port clients’ assets to creditors. Based on our clients’ objectives and a comprehensive review of their financial holdings, our North Port asset protection lawyers provide advice on all aspects of restructuring holdings. Learn more

North Port Litigation Attorney

Analyzing the potential impact of a lawsuit and planing for both trial and settlement strategies in North Port. Our litigation team has the knowledge and experience to help North Port individuals and businesses identifying and manage potential risks, respond to existing or threatened litigation and pursue resolution both in and out of a courtroom. Learn more

North Port Mediation Attorney

Experienced in methods aimed at resolving disputes in North Port through alternative means. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) offers North Port clients flexibility, informality and the ability to achieve mutually satisfactory resolutions, with the most common being mediation. Learn more

North Port Local Government Attorney

Attorneys with extensive experience in representing entities of local government near North Port. Learn more

North Port Physician Services Attorney

Recognizing the unique needs of physician clients and providing the highest level of service in North Port. Our attorneys recognize that our North Port clients needs often demand work beyond a standard workday, and we are regularly available to meet outside of traditional business hours. Learn more

North Port Stock Broker Fraud Attorney

Are you a victim of stock broker fraud in North Port? Help for North Port investors in disputes with their broker, financial advisor or brokerage firm. Learn more

North Port Tax Law Attorney

IRS help and support in dealing with Florida’s ever-evolving tax laws in North Port. Keeping abreast of the intricate nature of federal, state and local taxes and the laws governing them in North Port is an ever-evolving process. Learn more

Additional Information about North Port, Florida

North Port is a city in southern Sarasota County, Florida, United States. The population was 57,357 at the 2010 census. It is part of the North Port–Bradenton–Sarasota Metropolitan Statistical Area. It was originally developed by General Development Corporation as the northern or Sarasota County part of its Port Charlotte development. GDC dubbed it North Port Charlotte, and it was incorporated under that name through a special act of the Florida Legislature in 1959. By referendum in 1974 the city’s residents approved a change to simply North Port to proclaim its separate identity.

Map of North Port

Area Codes: 941
Zip Codes: 34287 Zip Code. 34289 Zip Code. 34290 Zip Code. 34286 Zip Code. 34288 Zip Code. 34291 Zip Code.

Source: Wikipedia, City of North Port, and City-Data