Babcock Ranch

In 1943, Farr Law Firm was engaged to represent the Babcock Florida Company, then owned by E.V. Babcock and his family, in the process of selling timber off its 92,000 acres of land. By the 1970’s, the Babcock family’s goals evolved from selling timber to working the land as a ranch, and still later, to planning for the development of the land. Farr Law Firm assisted with all these endeavors. As time went on, timber continued to be sold, a rock mine was opened, a sod farm was created, and land was leased for farming. Due to its strategic location between Fort Myers and Punta Gorda, the Babcock family explored the possibility of developing the land.

For many years, Farr Law Firm continued to represent the Babcock family and in 2006, counseled the family in its transfer of Babcock Florida Company’s holdings to new ownership. The successful result was the largest private land sales in modern Florida history. Today, we are honored to continue a relationship with members of the Babcock family that reaches back more than 63 years.