Florida Supreme Court Investigates Closed-Door Foreclosure Cases

Written by George T. Williamson | gwilliamson@farr.com


George Williamson Attorney | Farr Law | Southwest Florida

Attorney George Williamson.

Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Charles Canady has asked his chief administrator to investigate allegations by the ACLU and other groups that some Florida judges have been denying public access to foreclosure hearings.

It appears that earmarked funds given earlier this year to reduce the foreclosure backlog has sped up the foreclosure process to a point where litigants have been shut out of the courtroom, literally:

  • Foreclosure cases are taking place in judges’ chambers instead of the courtroom because the volume of cases is so great that the courtrooms are not always quickly available.
  • Some judges have objected to having the public in chambers.
  • Other judges have said reporters and members of the public must give them advance notice if they want to attend a foreclosure proceeding in the chambers. (Closed-door foreclosure cases heading to court)

Justice Canady has directed the Office of the State Courts Administrator to make recommendations on how to best take corrective actions in the cases.