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Attorney Natalie C. Lashway Family Law Attorney

New Child Support Law: How It May Affect You

Natalie C. Lashway | August 2010

A new bill signed by Governor Charlie Crist brings big child support changes for 2011. You may think that these changes will not apply to you if you are already paying or receiving child support, but you may be surprised. Child support may be modified whenever there is a substantial change in circumstances. The child […]

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Gary A. Kahle | Real Estate Attorney | Farr Law Firm | Punta Gorda Florida

Tax Titles

Gary A. Kahle | March 2010

Tax Certificates The tax collector will sell tax certificates at public auction on real property for which taxes are delinquent on the later of June 1 or the sixtieth day after the date of delinquency. Certificates are sold for an amount equal to the taxes owed, interest accrued since the date of delinquency, and other […]

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Attorney Charles T. Boyle | Farr Law | Serving Southwest Florida (image)

The New Parenting Factors

Charlie T. Boyle | February 2010

As of October 1, 2008 as a result of a major revision to Chapter 61 of the Florida Statutes (divorce statute), there was a fundamental shift in how courts address parenting issues in divorce cases (see “The End of Custody in Florida: Now Parents are just Parents,” Farr Newsletter, January 2009). As part of this […]

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Farr Trusts and Estate Attorney Dorothy L. Korszen, Serving Punta Gorda, Venice, Englewood and Southwest FL. Call 941.639.1158. (image)

The Estate Tax in 2010: The Year of Uncertainty in Death and Taxes

Dorothy L. Korszen | January 2010

According to Benjamin Franklin, “Nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” This year, however, we can expect much uncertainty regarding both death and taxes. For the first time since Congress passed the 1916 federal estate tax, there is currently no federal estate tax in effect for calendar year 2010. The Economic Growth and Tax […]

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Attorney Guy S. Emerich Recertified in Wills, Trusts and Estates | Farr Law | Serving Southwest Florida (image)

Keeping Your Trust Private

Guy S. Emerich | December 2009

If you have a revocable living trust, you know that at your passing most revocable living trusts become irrevocable. If a trust is irrevocable, then the trust beneficiaries have certain rights under the Florida Trust Code to be kept informed about what assets are in the trust and their value. In fact the Florida Trust […]

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Jack O. Hackett II | Farr Law | Serving Southwest Florida (image)

What Does the Contract Say?

Jack O. Hackett II | September 2009

Real estate buyers and sellers, and even Realtors, will occasionally call with a question they think is so simple any attorney should know the answer. “I have a 15-day inspection period. Do I count weekends in that?” “I found out the zoning is not right for the way I want to use the property. Do […]

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Attorney Roger H. Miller III | Farr Law | Serving Southwest Florida

Insult to Injury: Deficiency Judgements

Roger H. Miller III | August 2009

With the unprecedented number of foreclosures, many people are concerned not just with losing their home or investment property, but also the potential for the lender to obtain a money judgment against them personally.  This concern is legitimate, because most properties in foreclosure right now are not worth what is owed to the lender.  As […]

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Will W. Sunter | How Do I Get Them Off My Property? | Farr Law | Serving Southwest Florida (image)

The Basics of Incapacity And Guardianship

Will W. Sunter | March 2009

Many people who move to Florida for retirement anticipate many years in beautiful weather and well-earned rest.  Most people do not anticipate that they or a loved one may suffer physical or mental incapacity. Loved ones can find the guardianship process confusing and stressful, because they have no idea what to expect. In this newsletter, […]

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Farr Trusts and Estate Attorney Dorothy L. Korszen, Serving Punta Gorda, Venice, Englewood and Southwest FL. Call 941.639.1158. (image)

Should You Add Your Child’s Name to Your Home?

Dorothy L. Korszen | February 2009

A married couple generally owns their homestead as “husband and wife,” which creates a tenancy by the entireties.  At the passing of the first spouse, the survivor becomes the sole owner of the property.  After the passing of the second spouse, the property will go through the probate process to be transferred as directed by […]

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Attorney Charles T. Boyle | Farr Law | Serving Southwest Florida (image)

The End of Custody in Florida: Now Parents are Just Parents

Charlie T. Boyle | January 2009

Effective October 1, 2008 there has been a fundamental shift in the Florida Divorce Statute (Chapter 61 of the Florida Statutes) relating to parenting. The labels of “primary residential parent” and “secondary residential parent” have been removed. The concepts of custody and visitation have also been removed. Parents, post-divorce, will simply be called “parents.” The […]

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