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Gary A. Kahle | Real Estate Attorney | Farr Law Firm | Punta Gorda Florida

Lady Bird Deeds

Gary A. Kahle | April 2012

As an estate planning tool, the owner of real property may decide to convey the property to his or her children or other individuals reserving a life estate. In that case, the original owner of the property (the “life tenant”) retains the right to possess and occupy the property during his or her life and […]

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George Williamson Attorney | Farr Law | Southwest Florida

Concerns Over Pradaxa’s Increased Risk of Life-Threatening Bleeds

George T. Williamson |

Pradaxa is a new blood-thinning medicine primarily used to reduce the risk of stroke and blood clots in patients with atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem. However, recently filed lawsuits claim that patients taking Pradaxa instead of established blood-thinning medicines have a higher risk of life-threatening bleeds. Further, these suits allege that […]

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Farr Trusts and Estate Attorney Dorothy L. Korszen, Serving Punta Gorda, Venice, Englewood and Southwest FL. Call 941.639.1158. (image)

Naming Your Beneficiaries: What If?

Dorothy L. Korszen | February 2012

Estate planning documents, such as wills and trusts, give you the opportunity to name your beneficiaries, that is, who will receive your property after you pass.  You may choose to leave your property to your surviving spouse, to your children, to make gifts to charities, or a mix of these options.  After you decide what […]

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Attorney Charles T. Boyle | Farr Law | Serving Southwest Florida (image)

The Alimony Animals Menagerie

Charlie T. Boyle | January 2012

One of Webster’s definitions for “menagerie” is a “varied mixture.” Another definition is a “collection of wild animals…” The various types of alimony “animals” available under Florida law certainly qualify under both definitions. Florida Statute 61.08 expressly authorizes bridge the gap, rehabilitative, durational and periodic alimony. Further, the statute provides that any of these various […]

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Will W. Sunter | How Do I Get Them Off My Property? | Farr Law | Serving Southwest Florida (image)

Small Claims Court: Yes, it is a real court

Will W. Sunter | December 2011

Many people involved in conflicts over small amounts of money have considered taking their claim to small claims court.  I have often been asked to describe the procedure in small claims court, and a large percentage of the public has the belief that it is similar to Judge Judy or some other televised pseudo-judicial show.  […]

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Attorney Guy S. Emerich Recertified in Wills, Trusts and Estates | Farr Law | Serving Southwest Florida (image)

Using Disclaimers in Post-Modern Estate Planning

Guy S. Emerich | November 2011

Most of the time when one thinks about estate planning, a person thinks about pre-death planning. However, from time to time post-mortem planning comes into play. In this Newsletter we will look at an important post-mortem planning tool.  That tool is the disclaimer. A disclaimer is a refusal to accept an interest in or a […]

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Forrest J. Bass Attorney | Farr Law | Serving Southwest Florida (image)

Florida’s New Power of Attorney Law- Ten Things You Need to Know

Forrest J. Bass | September 2011

Earlier this year, Florida’s legislature passed an overhaul of Florida’s power of attorney law. The new law, which has an effective date of October 1, 2011, imposes many new requirements on this important estate planning tool. As an introduction, a power of attorney is a document in which a person (the “principal”) designates another person […]

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Jack O. Hackett II | Farr Law | Serving Southwest Florida (image)

Commercial Due Diligence

Jack O. Hackett II | August 2011

Commercial real estate transactions typically require a different level of due diligence than residential deals. Many commercial contracts give the buyer an inspection period from the time of the contract to a date certain within which to perform all the investigations the buyer wants. If the buyer decides that the property does not meet his […]

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Attorney Natalie C. Lashway Family Law Attorney

Medicaid Myths Debunked

Natalie C. Lashway | July 2011

According to the Genworth Financial 2011 Cost of Care Survey, the median annual cost for nursing homes in Florida is $76,778 for a semi-private room and $83,950 for a private room.  Given this extraordinary cost, those in need of nursing home care often turn to Medicaid for assistance.  However, many myths regarding Medicaid circulate.  The […]

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Attorney Roger H. Miller III | Farr Law | Serving Southwest Florida

The Mystery of the Missing Promissory Note

Roger H. Miller III | June 2011

There is a popular misconception circulating among the general public that holds if a lender cannot produce the original promissory note, then the lender cannot enforce the note. A promissory note is the written evidence of a debt owed by one party to another and the terms of repayment. A promissory note is considered a […]

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